Saturday, February 6, 2016

Manhattan Beach Meet-up

SoCal Educators In the House!!!

When your sweet friend from Teach Inspire Change/EB Camps says, "I want to throw a meet-up!" you just pull open your calendar and pray that you can catch up to her <#caitlindoesnotplay>. So, Caitlin, Aris (Sailing Into Second)Holly (Research and Play), and I went forward with plans to gather amongst 30+ fabulous bloggers/TPT authors in the SoCal area. With the intention of giving everyone the comfort of easily mingling in with others, while soaking in some of the trendy-chic aspects that SoCal has to offer, the Shade Hotel was the perfect venue to meet with some likeminded friends!

It's not a party until you have some fabulous swag and prizes for your guests. I mean, really! Teachers love all things pretty, organized, and well, free. #duh From water bottles, THM memberships, compliment cards, neon-colored paper, to a die-cutting machine?! Say wha?! We had some of the most fabulous donors... 

Most humbling moment... meeting Sam and Jillian from Teachers Pay Teachers the night before the meet-up. Y'all! <I so badly want to be Southern!> These beauties flew all the way out from TPT headquarters to meet some of their TPT authors here in SoCal! Not only were they excited to just meet some of our SoCal gems, they couldn't have been more genuine in their presence and conversations. Meeting these gals had me yearning for a trip out to New York to meet the rest of their TPT family. So honored that they shared their precious time with us!

We hugged, mingled, collaborated, took pics, made new friends, and simply electrified our passion for education, entrepreneurship, and kindness. This was my biggest takeaway from our successful meet-up... No matter what it is you're doing in life, if you do it WITH others, you can do anything. I'm not only proud to be surrounded by some hearts made of gold... I am so very proud to call myself a teacher!

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CALL TO ACTION: Go love on your people! 


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