Sunday, February 14, 2016

Celebrating Love

It's a Lovefest Up In Here...

The best way our family knows how to celebrate this day is always through our annual Carpet Picnic! When you have children and a full-time career, going out on a date, or seeking out any lovey-dovey time, alone with your significant other, is pretty challenging. And... come in a lil closer... sshhhh... I actually love spending some of Valentine's Day with the kids. I know! Crazy, huh?! So, I thought really hard of how I could accomplish it all. You know, the whole "I've gotta work a whole day, after I've made goodies for my entire class the night before, gather valentine goodies for my own kiddos so that they feel special, look somewhat decent for the hubby so that he is reminded why I'm his Valentine in the first place, and show everyone of how much I love them from the depths of my soul" kind of day. Phew. It's a lot. However, when you love deeply, you just make things happen. It was one of those 3am bright ideas that came to me one night screaming, "Carpet Picnic!"

I decided to grab some of their favorite foods and even coloring books and magazines. After prepping all of the goodies, I clear an area, and throw a blanket down! The snacking, reading, coloring, silliness commences. Once upon a time we used to picnic right on top of our king-size bed, but then the 3rd child came along, and the kids got bigger. <I'm not a fan of spilled coffee on my bed, thank you very much> So, we moved festivities to the floor. Every year seems to be a little different than the last one, as the food depends on what day this special event lands on. If we're at work and school the whole day, we'll commence our picnic with some pizza, cupcakes, and maybe even a movie in the evening. If I'm lucky enough for it to land on the weekend, we will start off our day with breakfast goodies in our jammies. #becausewecan

This year was our best yet! Everyone lounged in their pj's eating breakfast treats on the floor; cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls, strawberries and cream, eggs n bacon muffins, lattes and Red Bull galore! When I grabbed some last minute goodies at Target, I came across a Charades box for $1. Hey! #whynot When the family recognizes all of the hard work I put into things such as this, they usually amuse me by doing whatever it is I ask of them. They're so good that way! ;) So, charades it was! And can I just say (why am I even asking, when I plan on saying anyways?!), it was incredibly amusing. Even my sweet 6 year old could partake, showing off his reading skills. I was probably the most amused by my husband and his charade-skills though! Lastly, I thought that I would spice up their Valentine cards this year by writing out some personal ones. Ones that I hope they keep forever, maybe even frame one day. The KG fonts were on point. The sentiments made me weep. Just sayin'. But, hey. That's just me. 

Don't wait for someone to love you, love others and love them proudly! So, tell me. Did you love loudly this year?



  1. I love the Carpet Picnic!!! They are going to remember these forever!!!

  2. You are such a cute mommy & wife!! Happy Valentine's Day! XOXO