Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just Me

The life of a wife, mom, teacher, teacherpreneur(ish), friend, and social media enthusiast... where does one begin?! Let's do a quick run-down! I've been living in southern Cali all of my life <and it's longer than you think>. My very supportive and super-busy husband and I are raising some pretty fabulous children. Our 17 (boy) and 15 (girl) year old are your typical teenagers, without the back-talking, slamming of doors, and party on the weekends. Ok, so they may not be that "typical" but they certainly know how to leave a messy room, be told a thousand times to do their chores, obsess over social media, blast their music, and hang out at the mall. See, told you! And then, I have my very atypical 6 (boy) year old <yes, 6!>. Although my husband refuses to believe that he is not your average 6 year old, personal conversations with him and his outwardness the minute he walks into a room proves to everyone else that encounters his presence that he is "something else!" These 3, very different 3, are my motivation to continue to drive and push through life, however, it's not so easy <nor pretty> while teaching full-time, seeking out the Teacherpreneur World, chasing dreams, treasuring beautiful friendships, and keeping happily married. Just saying.

Follow my journey and soon hear of how I actually got here. Again, not-so pretty. #itsfine


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